What is the possible reason for the surface temperature rise of the power module case?

The temperature rise of the power module case depends on the efficiency and loss of the module, and the surrounding environment temperature. Under the normal circumstance, the temperature for power module will remain stable within 30 to 60 minutes upon start-up. The temperature rise is continuously ascending in the earlier stage. If the power module is in a confined space without an effective heat consumption output, the environment temperature will keep rising due to the presence of the heating elements, which also causes the temperature rise of the module.

Why do the positive and negative voltages change when the load of AC/DC positive and negative dual output products is unbalanced?

AC/DC multi- output products generally apply single output feedback design. The output voltage without feedback will fluctuate when the output load is unbalanced. Most of our AC/DC positive and negative dual output products adopt negative output voltage feedback design, so a load imbalance will cause a change in positive output voltages.


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