Smart home appliances that were once relatively simple devices now include various power supplies and electronic components that enable graphics, wireless communications, software interfaces and other functions, all of which have an impact on the overall safety of the product.

MORNSUN LD05-23BxxR2 series are ultra-compact AC/DC converters with a dimensions of 1 x 1 inch which are reliable and cost-effective power supplies for applications with space limitation. The 2-Y-capacitors design, EMI class B without external components requirement and no-load power consumption as low as 0.1W make them the perfect match for the home appliances. In addition to this 5W power module, there are models with powers of 3W, 10W, 15W and 20W. These modules have a universal input voltage of 85-305VAC or 100-430VDC and an operation temperature range of -40~+85℃, which make them also suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Universal Input Voltage

  • Industrial Temperature

  • Safety Certifications

  • EMI: Class B
    EFT: ±2KV
    Surge: Line-Line ±1KV

Access Control System

The power supply of the access control system is 12V. The entire system has card readers, alarms, door magnets, relays, etc., which are all powered by 12V. In the control circuit, the voltage is reduced to 5V and 3.3V through the Buck circuit to the MCU controller. Common 485 communication and Ethernet are used to power the communication part


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