R3 DC/DC Converter -- Low Standby power consumption

There are two modes of energy consumption in energy storage systems: operating mode and standby mode. In operating mode, it can realize energy saving with same performance by decreasing power consumption of the devices; while in standby mode, some units need permanent power supply in case of system restarting and operating. 

For example, the most common power supply of DC/DC converter is battery, such as BMS and super capacitor power system, etc. In these systems, the devices usually work in no-load condition, thus, the over input current directly consumes the energy in the energy storage systems. In the industry, most 6W power modules’ no-load current is 12~15mA with 24V input, in comparison, the no-load current of Mornsun R3 DC/DC converter is typically only 4~5mA. Tested under the same condition, the no-load loss of R3 converter is as low as 0.12W. 

Taking a 20AH battery for example, when the battery is powering a DC/DC converter, the no-load input current is 15mA and battery life is 1333.3H. To extend the battery life, we need to decrease no-load current. The no-load current of Mornsun R3 DC/DC converter is only one third of other products’ in the industry, which is up to 4000H. Therefore, the R3 DC/DC converter significantly improves life of the accumulator, and decreases the energy consumption of energy storage system at the same time. In addition, many power supply systems need to be compatible with wide input voltage, thus we need to pay attention to power balance within all voltage range, that is, to keep the low no-load power consumption at any input voltage. 

Mornsun R3 DC/DC converter keeps balanced no-load power consumption in all input voltage range. For example, in the wide input voltage of 18~36V and the no-load current is: 5~6mA (low voltage input); 4~5mA (nominal voltage input); 2~3mA (high voltage input), no-load power consumption stays at about 0.1W. Therefore, R3 products avoid the waste of standby energy in the whole system. Mornsun R3 DC/DC converter features the ultra-low no-load power consumption and power balance within all input voltage range, which reduces the high power consumption in long no-load operation and achieve high efficiency and energy savings.


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