R3 DC/DC Converter -- Light-load efficiency

In most cases, the customers tend to use the converters with 10%~30% loads. It is considered that derating can improve product’s long-term reliability. However, in practical application, the low efficiency in long light-load operation causes serious self-heating, temperature rise of the enclosure, and ultimately results in failures in multiple converter applications or in closed environments.


There is a case of a customer in the military industry. The load power of the application is 1W, and the engineers think that derating can improve product’s long-term reliability, thus they selected a 6W converter of another company. Tested in the nominal voltage input, the output load power is 1W; while tested at 25℃, the shell temperature reached 44℃; tested in 85℃, it reached 103℃. Thus the reliability of the power converter will be reduced in continuous high temperature operation.


The efficiency is only about 40% in 1W load. We can see from the formula, the power consumption of the module itself is higher than the load power, which causes the temperature rise of the enclosure and reduces the product’s reliability. In contrast, the efficiency of Mornsun R3 6W converter is up to 75% in light load, which is 35% higher than the common standard in the industry. From the formula, we know that the consumption is only 0.3W, and the enclosure temperature of R3 DC/DC converter is 10℃ lower than common converters’, which lowers the self-heating of the converter and improves the reliability.


Meanwhile, as the no-load consumption has been reduced, the consumption of all load points is also reduced, which significantly improves the product efficiency in all range of load.


Mornsun R3 wide-input DC/DC converter adopts patented design, solves the problems of low efficiency in light-load operation, high temperature raise, etc., and achieves energy saving of the application.


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