240W DIN-Rail AC/DC Converter LI240-10B24 Released

MORNSUN released LI240 240W DIN-Rail AC/DC converter, which extends DIN-Rail products from 120W to 240W.

MORNSUN LI240 adopts DIN-Rail mounting (TS35) for easier installation. The series features high efficiency of 92% and PFC of 0.96, which help customers save energy. In addition, LI240 provides 3000Vac isolation voltage, surge immunity Class 4. The EMC meets IEC61000/UL508/UL/EN60950 standards and the perfect protections ensure backend devices of your system.

LI240 AC/DC converter can be widely used as the main power supply in PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion control cabinet, voltage control cabinet, switch control cabinet and etc.



 -85~264Vac/120~370Vdc input;

 -Active PFC;

 -Efficiency 92%;

 -Remote on/off function;
 -TS35 standard DIN-Rail mounting;
 -Input under-voltage protection;
     Output shor-circuit protection;
     Over-current protection;
     Over-voltage protection;
     Over-temperature protection;



LI240 acts as the power supply of industrial bus in control cabinet,  can provide all units with 24V voltage. These kinds of control cabinets are widely used in industrial control / electric and other distributed power systems. Besides, using together with other products of Mornsun ensures a higher reliability of your systems.




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