Product Release of MCP100-2A27D27Series


MORNSUN AC/DC converter MCP series is designed for power distribution network.

MCP series features the sequential control function. It manages that the secondary output activates ahead of the primary output when the system starts; even if the primary output activates in advance, the output end could avoid the over voltage of the primary output with the self-powered circuit and the output over-voltage clamping circuit, which protect the back-end components. The secondary output is self-powered. It keeps operating even if the primary output breaks down.

This series features high efficiency of 85%, EMC surge protection, short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection. It offers standard output voltage/current of 27VDC/1.5A, 27VDC/3A, and the output voltage is continuously adjustable from 24VDC to 28VDC to adapt different charging voltage. The output ripple and noise is low to 100mV, which makes less interference on the back-end systems. The industrial grade operating temperature (-40℃ ~ +75℃) ensures the operation in low temperature condition.

The MCP series converter is designed with metal casing to better meet the requirements of outdoor operating environment. MORNSUN MCP series is ideal for power systems, such as power permanent magnet switching controllers, electric power control cabinet, etc., and provide uninterruptible power supply for super-capacitor.


Application: Power Distribution Network



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